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Who We Are

DEW Consulting & Care Management non-profit provides: 

Workshops related to family preservation, mental health, and bullying and in/outpatient advocacy. We facilitate support groups for people with chronic illnesses and their children.

We are available for workshops, training, solution based events and motivational speaking globally. 

Workshop: Providing Education for self-development, empowerment, and self-wealth from ages to birth to senior. Improving children through their school age experiences starting at pre-k to a high school that is age appropriate with the anti-bullying program, Positive support system, counseling and preparing children in each education field into prepping for college and how to be ready. We also provide Workshop for people for foster care home, incarcerated people returning back to society, and most importantly with Our mature friends(elderly) goal who are known for baby boomers is to educate them to help silent generation that was a part of the depression to let them have a voice and same with baby boomer as well. We support educating and counseling sexuality, domestic violet, depression, and weight-related issue.Unification of people and compassion is key to our workshops.

Mediation: provide parties to come to a consensus to find the best outcome of the process on their needs, not their wants. Family mediation helps focus on divorces, child consulted child support, and importantly investigation to go to families that are separated and consulting with the families for the children lifestyle. Health issue/diagnose illness are provided with support and discussion about the illness and bring love to create a game plan for the family to handle the situation. Education level to help provide student and their peer with any bully, discrimination/racism, multicultural resolution, conflict resolve, introduction middle-high school prevention mode tool they need to take them on grade their school age life, they need a skill set in social skill in conflict resolving. Bioethics medications help family member support with the end of life decisions chronic illness, crucial decision due to an illness.

Care management: This anyone who is choosing to deal with the chronic mental issue to live at home, not just elderly can be a child too. Care management for people living at home dealing with long-term illness or chronic illness, each case base on the person, so services is based on the person situation. Care management doesn’t just stop at the hospital we advocate with them after the hospital and in any medical faculty and rehab nursing home. 

DEW Team

Meet the team that is the heart the DEW Team.

Dr.Detria Walker

Our Founder of DEW Consulting & Care Management.

Jessica Compaore

Social Media Coordinator/Administrator
DEW Team is looking to hire a Accountant coordinator

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